Learning in Leisure is an independent, member-run organization of interested individuals of all ages, that was started in 1985 to provide an opportunity for all those with a love of learning, intellectual stimulation, an exchange of opinions, and discussions presented by guest speakers on a wide variety of interesting topics.

This popular group features two guest speakers at each weekly session with a coffee and cookie break between presentations to allow members an opportunity to socialize in a friendly atmosphere. The program includes two 10-week sessions each year, beginning each February and September.
Meetings are held each Tuesday from 9:15 a.m. until noon at St Stephen’s Presbyterian Church in the lower hall, 1140 St. Pauls St. ., Peterborough. Ontario.

It is wheelchair accessible and an elevator is manned for those who find stairs difficult.

The group tries to be environmentally friendly, so please lug a mug for your use during the coffee and cookie break.

The membership cost is $50 for each 10-week session or a daily fee of $7.