MEETINGS START AT 9:15 am Please arrive BEFORE that time

First Speaker after Opening Announcements

18-Sep 1st Bruce Gravel Humour is all around us
2nd Dave Ellis Kawartha Wildlife Photographer
25-Sep 1st Susan Sorrenti My Experience with SARS
2nd Sister Joan Driscoll My Journey to South Sudan a Life Changing Experience
2-Oct 1st Bill Lockington Campbell River
2nd Mary Beth Walsh Its time to stop whispering about Memory Loss
9-Oct 1st Merrill Graham Telecare
2nd Brenda Steed A Taste of Maple
16-Oct 1st Cliff Weaver R.P. and Me. R.P. equals Retinitis Pigmentosa
(Heredity eye disease)
2nd Steve Guthrie 60th Anniversary of CHEX  Television
23-Oct 1st Michael Peterman The delicious Mirth of James McCarroll. Canada’s Last Poet & Humourist
2nd Lydia Dotto Protecting the Endangered Piping Plover
30-Oct 1st Sarah Cook How will you know Alzheimers?
2nd Lydia Dotto Big Birds-Cranes and Herons
6-Nov 1st Sandy McCracken Celebrating 100th Anniversary of Vimy
2nd Olivia Vandersanden Stories from the Kawartha Wildlife Centre
13-Nov 1st  Megan Boyles Locavorest. Latest way to acquire the freshest foods
2nd Ted Morin The Lighter Side of War
20-Nov 1st Peter Malkovsky Our ‘Strange’ World Events
2nd Peter Malkovsky Chinas Three Taboos



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