Spring 2020 Schedule Subject to Changes
18-Feb 1st Keith Knott Order of Canada-Recipient
2nd Kevin Callan Once around Algonquin-an epic journey
25-Feb 1st Brian Henry Chef Henry. The Angle Iron Kitchen
2nd Tanna Edwards “Dreams Really can Come True” ask a Soroptimist
03-Mar 1st Paula Greenwood The New Hospice
2nd Jay Lehman Understanding Addiction: …how it starts
 …the danger of stigma, …how to provide support
10-Mar 1st Andi Van Koeverden The Mount. Miracle on Monaghan
2nd Bruce Gravel When life gives you running water make a funny.
ON HOLD17-Mar 1st Bill Crins Natural History of South Africa
  2nd Karen Carter Edwards Malta the  Forgotten Jewel of the Mediterranean
ON HOLD24-Mar 1st Sanjeen Sukumaran All about your Ears.
  2nd Sara George Habitat for Humanity
ON HOLD 31-Mar 1st Sean Mallen Family side of a Correspondents Life in London England
  2nd MOH DR. Rosana Salvaterra Ontario Seniors Dental care program
07-Apr 1st Al Wotherspoon It’s your Health
2nd Kristen LaRocque Everyday Sustainability. Tips for Reducing Waste
14-Apr 1st Peterborough New Horizons Band It’s about Music
2nd Jerry Ouellette CHAGA – Health & Wellness one cup at a time
21-Apr 1st Dr. Amy Barron The Tie-In     Agatha Christie, Archaeology and Alzheimer’s
2nd John McNutt Inclusion & Accessible Peterborough