MEETINGS START AT 9:15 am Please arrive BEFORE that time

First Speaker after Opening Announcements

DATE                            NAME                                TOPIC

19-Feb 1st John Boyko The Writers Life
2nd Christopher Barry Peterborough Paramedics
26-Feb 1st George Parker Peterborough-Rice Lake-Cobourg Railway
2nd Steve Smith On Guatemala
5-Mar 1st Marlys Kerkman Our Arctic Trip
2nd Cathy Pearcy Osteoporosis-Speaking of Bones
12-Mar 1st Faith Dickinson Royal Wedding and Cuddles for Cancer
2nd Shauneen Tomlinson “where to pee” One woman’s journey in a man’s work world
19-Mar 1st Nancy Towns Travel Photos
2nd Rachel Petty PARN Peterborough AIDS Resource Network
26-Mar 1st Chief Gilbert (Ptbo) Experiences in Policing
2nd Jane Conway (OPP) Human Trafficking in Peterborough
2-Apr 1st Rosemary Ganley Adventures with the G7 leaders
2nd Paul Hartl TBA
9-Apr 1st Tracy Randall Music Fest
2nd Heather Ray ‘Water you doing to be Water Wise?’
16-Apr 1st Kurtis Borland What we should know about our feet
2nd 1st Chad Buchner Locking through the Trent Severn Waterway
23-Apr Hon. Pauline Browes Spirit of Canada        Art Gallery
2nd Ray Saitz Technology & You. Change-Challenge-Confusion